Monday, 23 April 2012


Hello followers, I am abandoning ship. I decided on a fresh start and have a new blog!
Thanks for following me, and I hope you pop along to my new word press blog!
All the best, Kayleigh.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas commissions

Owl. Cat. Badger

Bobby the cat

The performing Otter family

Paper Fox

I've started getting interested in paper mache. I've created 3 different characters of jointed figures using my own paper mache recipe. So far in the collection are Mr Vincent Fox, Mr Elwin the Badger and Morton the Mole. You can find 3 of these in my Etsy shop!

So far there's only 10 in existence. And 6 are waiting for homes.

Flaunting foxes

These are available as prints and soon to be notecards in my Etsy shop! There's also 2 other foxes in this series.

who believes in folklore

Just for my personal pleasure I created 3 prints all about the folklore of egg shells. Here are 2. It's believed that you should break the shell of the egg that you've just eaten. If you don't, witches will use that shell to work evil upon you, or will use them as a means of transport. Witches disguise themselves mainly as hares..hence them in the drawings.

You can find these also in my Etsy shop!

woof woof

Soon to be available as note cards in my Etsy shop! Keep your eyes peeled.

2011 Christmas cards

This is a selection of 3 out of 4 of my 2011 Christmas cards. They're still available in my Etsy shop!