Friday, 24 September 2010

A new delight to feast your eyes on

This little gem is a Birthday card I came up with for my dear Auntie W. I don't know where I got the idea from for it...but it basically shows I'm not right in the head! It showcases my beloved and departed kitty, Simon. I guess he'll never leave my work...

Work news: I'm going to be doing some more design work for my wonderful friend Lisa for her Pennycones shop.

And I may have some T-shirt design work in the pipeline for Mutiny bikes. Exciting stuff!

Other news: How hard is it to grow pumpkins?! It's nearly October and surely I should have at least one pumpkin growing on any of my 7 plants. They all keep dropping off and dying on me! Obviously I mustn't have been giving them enough love and attention. They are hard to please.

Friday, 17 September 2010

What's been going on in the world of Kayleigh...

Well, it's about time I posted something new, isn't it! What have I been up to lately, I hear you ask? Sadly, nothing exciting. I've been working at Southport fair all summer and doing 7days a week, insane. I don't know how I've managed working there, that place is crazy, and not good crazy either! So not much drawing work has been done which is very naughty of me. The fair season is now over though, so I'll finally have time to get creative, and I already have some ideas to play around with using papier mache pulp...

My work has finally gone 'international,' sort of. I had the pleasure, this summer, of creating an image for a shop sign for my folks' shop in Bulgaria. Looks better than I thought it'd look like!

And I have tragic news too. One of my kittens, Simon, who was a big inspiration to my work, was shot dead 2 weeks ago by the dickheaded farmers by mine, and it's even more tragic that they won't own up to it and God knows what they've done with him either. It's been a really sad past 2 weeks and we all miss him terribly here at home, especially his brother Louis. Heartbreaking! I hope he's now catching his beloved Bugs and Mice up in Kitty cat heaven...
And hopefully it won't be too long until I post again...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Barnacle Goose

I'm constantly being mesmerised with paper theatres and paper puppets, and since I don't make enough things these days, I decided to make a picture created in layers just like a paper theatre (sort of.) So I bought myself a 3D box frame for £15 and filled it with my drawings based upon the folklore of Barnacle Geese. The photograph shows what it looked like when it was turned out alright, surprisingly! I gave it away as a gift to my Auntie H for her 50th Birthday, so I'm glad it has a nice new home.

Now I'm considering making more but with different themes. I'll keep you posted!

(cat) flowers!

Showcasing my former feral cat, and my current two kittens, Simon and Louis